C#/Dbm11 guitar chord (C#/Db Minor 11th)

Symbols: m11, min11, -11

Steps: 1-b3-5-b7-9-11

Notes: C#-E-G#-B-D#-F#

Variation 1

  • Apply a barre with your index finger across the 4th fret, covering the 1st to the 5th strings
  • Press the B (2nd) string on the 5th fret with your middle finger
  • Now, strum all the strings starting from the 5th string

Variation 2

  • Press down on the B (2nd) string at the 7th fret using your index finger
  • Press the G (3rd) string on the 9th fret with your pinky
  • Place your ring finger on the D (4th) string at the 9th fret and press down
  • Use your middle finger to press the low E (6th) string down on the 9th fret
  • Now, strum all the strings up to the 2nd string, mute the 5th string

Variation 3

  • Place a barre using your index finger on the 9th fret
  • To play the chord, strum all the strings

Variation 4

  • Barre the 12th fret with your middle finger, extending over the 1st to the 2nd strings
  • Barre the 11th fret with your index finger, extending over the 3rd to the 4th strings
  • Now, strum all the strings starting from the 4th string