A Roadmap for Beginners

by JustJeff (Jan 26, 2011)


This is an organized list of important details and concepts for beginners. We will cover a look at simple music theory terms, your guitar, keys, scales, chords, modes, and practice routines. Each lesson below is written by a different author of this forum, so remember: if you think you have something important to share, share it with us!!

Follow these lessons in order for the best results.

The Introduction

Music Theory: A Look Down the Path of...
Author: Guitarslinger124

A beginner’s introduction to Frets, Notes, Tones, Intervals and Steps
Author: Phip

Notes and Scales

Keys, Scales and Their Note Values
Author: JazzMaverick

Author: bodom

Chords and Modes

Building Chords: Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented
Author: JustJeff

Beginner/Intermediate Mode Lesson
Author: Guitarslinger124

Practice Regiements and Warm-Ups

Starting Warm-Ups
Author: ThatGuitarGuy


If you have any suggestions for a lesson to be added or removed from this list, please PM me. Keep the messages below about confusions in any of these lessons or other problems with the information.