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What chord? If this is a chord at all

13 Mar 2009 11:42 | Quote
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In a section to this song i'm writing I play these three chords. I don't know what the middle one is. I'm in the key of F major.

Edim7 - Dm - Unknown - Bmaj - Bmaj#11

The unknow guitar chord is fingered like this:


I know it's like a E7 chord but it sounds horrible with the 5th (at least with the chord progresion).
13 Mar 2009 13:17 | Quote
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I would write it as G#b5b7 (using Ab major as the key) or G#b5add6 (in the key of B major). Hehe...seriously though,id call it an E7 without the 5th...thats it. Which you should know is related to G#dim. I'm pretty sure that in F major there is no B major because in the key of F major there is no B. I could be wrong but I'd take a closer look at your chords.
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It sounds horrible with the 5th because it has 2 tritones in it - the D to G# and the G# to D above. It could be viewed as many chords, so take your pick: either a Dmadd9#11 (no 3rd), meaning it would be up to whatever is played over the top to determine a tonality; an incredibly screwed up voicing of an E7; a Ddim5add9 (no 3rd) which is the same as the other D chord above; or Ab(b6)dim5/D. None of these have 3rds so they are ambiguous in tonality.


14 Mar 2009 03:45 | Quote
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I may say that... they are right. LoL

Sometimes... I got the feeling that I dont know a friggin crap about anything of music :P

16 Mar 2009 15:14 | Quote
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well i can enjoy the sound of a tritone. but played with the progression .. it just doesn't fit. besides it already contains a tritone. well whatever i'll just leave it like it is.

p.s. Empirism, there's so much to learn about music, I wouldn't even let it bother me if I were you.

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