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Profile: jocker

Joined: 14 Sep 2013
Name: Jocker
Surname: Santos
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Country: Philippines
City: Makati
Experience (years): 8
Profile views: 1069
Posts: 2

Instruments Played:

Acoustic or Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Alternative and Rock Music


Born last December 02, 1984, from Cainta Rizal Philippines, at the age 15 i started to play guitar way back year 1996. I opened my interest because of the Pinoy Band called Rivermaya. Their music gave me influence to jump into music. My first song i learned using finger style is More Then Words of Extreme. In college, i joined a band named Caution, the band plays rock and alternative music, i am rhythm player, we cover some songs of Metallica and Cranberries. After i graduated in college, i started to work as young professional, a corporate one, and then i suddenly realize just this year it's getting boring but of course i'm thankful for what i learned in corporate world, so i returned to the band with a new name The Cryzt, we kept practice and practice until we decided to have a new member and step up to Acoustic Band so we named it Mery and The Cryzt. The band is now covering many variety songs in preparation to GIgs in bar and restaurants.

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