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Profile: Jarl_Kin

Joined: 14 Mar 2011
United States
Gender: Male
Country: United States
City: Urbana
Experience (years): 5
Profile views: 1341
Posts: 2

Instruments Played:

Guitar, Bass guitar, Quena, Harmonica, Piano, Keyboard,

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

maudlin of the Well, Ihsahn, John Mayer, Bal-Sagoth, Anata, Arghoslent, Trivium (Ember to Inferno ONLY), Kansas, Judas Priest (NEW), Pantera, Megadeth, Testament, Opeth, Immortal, Death, Slayer, Eagles, East Village Opera Co., Necrophagist, Buckethead, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, All That Remains, Yngwie Malmsteen, Lawson Rollins, Kalmah, Kampfar, Incubus, U2, Enochian Cresent, Emperor, Eclectica, Adam Moore, Richard Schulman.

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