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Profile: mudnreo

Joined: 11 Feb 2008
United States
Karma: 1
Name: Allen
Surname: M
Gender: Male
Age: 56
Country: United States
City: Delmar
Experience (years): 44
Profile views: 3877
Posts: 54

Instruments Played:

Guitar,,,,Gibson Les Paul Studio,,,,,,,, Epiphone Dot,,,,,Epiphone Les Paul Ultra,,,,, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top,,,,,EpiphoneSG Prophesy GX,,,,,,, Fender MIM strat ,,,,Martin D15,,,Martin Backpacker,,,,,,,Epiphone Humminghbird,,,,,Epiphone resonator Guitat,,,,,,old Harmony Archtone. Amp,,,Fender Hot Rod Deluxe,,,,,,Peavey Valve King 112 effects,,,,Line 6 X3 Live,,,,,,,,,,Line 6 Floor Pod Plus and a bunch of other junk

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

My favorite players are to many to list but on the top are Eric Johnson, Lee Ritenour, Jimmy Bruno, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, Joe Pass, Tommy Emanuel, and on an on


started playin at 12, 54 now. I play evey Sunday with the Band Only Branches and the Praise and Worship team at my Church

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