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Profile: fade2red

United States
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Name: Corey
Surname: Bourgeois
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Country: United States
City: Pensacola
Experience (years): 3
Profile views: 1919
Posts: 4

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I have been playing lead and rythim guitar for the past three years straight. I really into improv solos, so most of my stuff can't really be played twice and still ahve the exact sound. I am currently working on an experimental squizz rock project. My friends, who originally were aiming for more of a meta-rock band, are now opting out for a prog rock band. Were really just doing scratch jams, no vocals. I've been song writing/arranging/composing for at least two years, and have been writing lyrics for nearly 4 years. I found this site ages ago, and have to say it flat out rocks. Period. recently, I am still more of a free agent in terms of having a steady band to play with. My genre, if anything, still remains inconsistant.

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