Fast Warmup/Excelent Beginner Excercise

by ThePusher (Jun 14, 2008)

Hey I read this one in Guitar World a few months back and I've been using it ever since, essentially it combine alternate picking string skippin sweep picking and hammer ons/pull offs.
Now I learned this from Michael Angelo Batio's column and we all know he is one of the most fantastic guitarists ever. Finally when ascending you start on the low E with a down stroke followed by an up on the A and continuiting the pattern until the high e where you start to descend at which time you sweep the strings, Here's the tab complete with indicators for upstroke or down. ^=down v=up/^=away from you v=towards


This is an example done with the index and middle fingers, it should be done with your 1+3 1+4 2+3 2+4 and finally your 2nd+3rd fingers where your ring finger does a 2 fret stretch, so that you would play a 6H8 wiht your 2+3 fingers, of course your 1=Index 2=Middle 3=Ring 4=Pinky. So yeah you continue the pattern as long as possible, try changing positions aswell.