Metal guitar soloing

by simon73 (May 08, 2008)

how to begin with? Well power chords are good as all scales fit around them and lots of metal guitarist used them today. if you don't understand them the I have included a link just copy and paste it

what scales would give me metal sound? Lots of metal players stick to the natural minor scale it a scale that just about any sound fits. I tend to aim for the root notes or the 3rd and 5th. For example If I was playing E5 or power I would aim for E been the root note, B or G all of which fits in to this chord.

which modes are my options? This all depends on what you want from the mode I know it sounds daft but if you look at the lessons already done on modes this should give you some idea of how they work and what they work with. Mixolydian I like and also Dorian sounds good but it all down to what you are basing your chords around

any techniques I should incorporate? Pull off and hammer ons are a good start pinch harmonic are great makes the guitar scream, Up and down picking as well. The aim really is base once more what you think sounds good however repeated little bits of a solo can make things interesting or miss a few notes out as well.

Hope this has given some help