Co-Ordination One

by simon73 (May 06, 2008)

Carrying on from co-ordination we will still have some fun so if you have not try my first lesson then it would be advised that you take a look as I am only giving a quick examples

Example 1 Running backwards I made this one up as when I taught myself I could never run backward up a fret for some reason mainly as I was use to going either straight up or across the fret you see what I mean

Example 2 This should get your fingers working and co-ordination as well it looks hard to play but it straight forward I promise as it is base around the A minor and most of you should know this scale already. If not suggest you use this to help you out start on the A note and work through it for a few months this will help you with this lesson.

Example 3 As some of you might know already I am much more of a legato (hammer on and pull off) player and only now getting lots of practise in with inside and out picking work so I have included a extra lesson base on the E dominant seventh. Works well both fast and slow and elsewhere on the freeboard also if you are catching strings suggest you tie a cloth around the neck to stop unwanted string noise when playing this as well

Example 4 now I getting carried away last one you have a load of lessons for you to be getting on with. This lesson is a nice one try it slow. I have to admit that I am not a good sweep picker but did this sort of thing to get some work done on the subject and it works nice if you try it slow or if you are really cleaver try it fast and let me know what it sounds like. lol

As you can see from the very first lesson you can make as many different kinds of co-ordination techniques as you want it may not sound right or may sound bloody awful but it keeps your fingers in touch with the fretboard. I have notice when playing music just how quick my fingers can now jump to notes without really looking down seeing what they are doing plus gaining back ache when doing it. If you enjoy the lesson and want more then I am happy to share some of my secrets that have I have learnt myself. I understand that if you are self taught like me you think I am only playing scales, I can never do that, or I never play the guitar again it too hard. But I personally think that it all down to three things technique, co-ordination and feel