by simon73 (May 05, 2008)

Hello all welcome to my guitar lesson about co-ordination getting both your right hand and left hand to work as one. When I decided to create this lesson I was looking at many different ways that I warm up and getting both hands to work as one which when you first start out is no easy task as your fingers will not do what they are told and the right hand will get lost in the mist of time.

The lessons is for beginners or any really but most of what you are about to see is pretty basic but I also suggest that you come up with your own ideas and create your own co-ordination lesson to help you as I can only fit in so much. I also suggest you try hammer on and pull offs, or inside picking and outside picking all will become much easier when you ready to play some music. So without further a do lets get cracking

Example 1 I called this lesson the point of no return it good fun to lean and you can try it on any strings just remember to make your own up and keep in time start slow then increase speed on a clean tone

Example 2 This next example is a little harder as it involves string skipping something a lot of guitar players tend to do. Once more try it slowly on a clean tone then increase the speed a little also try it on other strings as well. Remember to make your own ideas up I do makes learn much more fun

Example 3 Harder now as it calls for the left hand to span between the 12th and 7th frets with one finger. If you find this example far to hard try to slide as some people have little hand Spam or are young. Don’t be put off if you can’t do it just move onto something different

Example 4 This lesson is a nice one I created when messing around it will teach you to use the little finger and make sure your timing is good

Example 5 Next lesson is something that Zakk Wyde often does to good effect something that I am working on but make the pentatonic sound much more longer

Example 6 Triangle shape pattern I call this and once more a made up lesson created by yours truly should be fun to do and quite easy once you get the hand of it all

Example 7 Very similar to lesson Example 3

Example 8 Is a nightmare as this lesson is based on interlaced chords shapes across four strings. Once mastered try moving it up a fret at a time great fun and good practice as with all lessons take your time

More about co ordination can be found in the title co-ordination one as I do the same kind of things shown so far but will give you some more work

As some of you may notice I have left off the timing as it up to you how slow you go or fast but for beginner start slow something like 40 beats per minutes should do you nicely. If you find this too slow then increase it. I use a clean tone to pin point sloppy technique distortion will hide or effects will also hide bad technique. Like I said before try making your own examples up or put some distortion on to do some hammer on and pull off, you might want to miss a couple of notes out or jump a few strings remember also learn any musical instrument should be fun not a hard slog. Sorry my English is not that good so I hope you understand my lesson

Have fun