Pinch Harmonics

by ThePusher (Apr 03, 2008)

Pinch harmonics are easiest to learn on a Stratocaster or knock-off Strat as the pick-ups are set up easiest.

Essentially you should try first fretting the G string on the 7th fret, when picking you should try to hold your pick 2mm from the side of your thumb, after picking you should try to touch the string as quickly as possible with the tip of your thumb directly behind your bridge pickup.

Pitch depends on the node pinched, meaning if you fret the 7th on the G string and pinch the node in front of the middle pick-up you'll get a tone equal to a 3.2 open harmonic and such.

If that was confusing here's the vid I learned from:

it's a long vid but very instructional.