Ready for the flight

by soy.el.che (Mar 06, 2008)

Hello all of you... this is my first lesson and its not bout theory or technique

I know im young, but ive got some experience when it comes to playing live or practicing in a band

Band rehearse
never get to rehearse without knowing the songs. it helps a lot to learn them before practice with the band, cause if not, youll probly waste a lot of time.
best advice is to practice a lot.
when learning a song, play it at normal speed once or twice to find errors in your playing or others, or a riff you´d like to change a little bit or repeat or anything. then, play it slow like half the speed or 3/4 the original speed one or more times to give the "accent" or to make sure all the band has got adapted to the changes. then play the song twice the speed or (noticeablely faster) for the final version of the song gets ... i dont know how to say it, but it really helps a lot. like kinda memorized, but more like a reaction..
theres something else very important, lower your volume to let the singer be heard the most and the lead guitar, with this, i mean to give up your pride of being the most heard, ive met many people with that problem. always follow the bass, its easier for all the band that you play at their speed, adapt yourself to your bassist and/or drummer´s tempo, dont keep playing with your own speed while the rest of the band is playin at another speed. thats all folks
(for now)
every member of the band should know whats above lol... it helps a lot

always try to think youre playing live, imagine people shouting. try to make that scene feel the more real possible.

plz coment, ill be doing more lessons this kind when i find time