by simon73 (Dec 18, 2007)

This lesson is to make you not only to think about what your next position but also will help with anything from string skipping. Also I suggest that you play up and down at a pace that suites you. So if you just learning then start slow this will help you and if you are a fast Eddie then you also may like to try it slow that way it will improve your technique and making sure each note rings out.

The next lesson is not to catch you out. If you look at any music score you will see players using this example and can only help in your playing. Try up and down picking then try hammer ons and pull offs, can only make your fingers stronger and more positive

Next one you may have to take your time as it can be tricky and will get you thinking a lot

Last lesson is to stop you from playing in a box and to move around the fretboard. I think that most of you are able to play A minor if not then I have included two A minor both are what we call a box position. Now to get out and away from the box I have design a small lesson easy one. You will see / meaning to slide from one note to the next note and so on. So what will you gain? Good question. You can learn a lot from this and try it in other minor scales and make up your own lessons. The best one I have found when I started out was using pull off and hammer ons, and later picking each note at a steady speed.

Anyway Enjoy.
(sorry about my spelling my English is not that good)