Beginner guitar chords in 3 steps

by mja155 (Feb 08, 2010)

There are many different types of guitar chords that you can learn. These are used to play a large variaty of musical styles. As a beginner there are 2 basic chord groups that you should start with:

Major chords and minor chords.

In order to perform these chords correctly you will need correct chord structure and fingering.

There are 7 basic major chords and 7 basic minor chords, out of these there are 8 in total that are most commonly used and these are the ones that you should start with.

There are 3 steps and for some even 2 steps that you can take to form these chords correctly. Forming guitar chords correctly is important so that you get the technique right and once you've got this it's then up to you to practise forming the chords as quickly as possible.

Check out my lesson video on youtube that breaks down how to play guitar chords in 3 easy steps.




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