The Hybrid Technique

by JazzMaverick (Dec 09, 2008)

The hybrid technique is using the pick and fingers. This is used mainly by country musicians but many Jazz musicians use it now as it's pretty handy.

The pick is held in between the index finger and the thumb, the other three fingers are then free to play each of the treble strings respectively. One of the most demanding aspects of this technique is getting the 3rd and 4th fingers of the rigth hand to operate independently. You'll find this fairly difficult with the left hand when you start to play demanding chords, this is because there are small muscles in the fingers that get very little exercise away from playing a musical instrument.

The pick is almost always downstrokes whilst the fingers play what ever it is you're playing. This approach to picking shouldn't be your first, it's fairly difficult and is best approached once you've become adept at playing with the fingers and the pick independently.

V m r l V l r m V l r l V r l r
E |-----------------0---|-------0------------|-------0---------0--|------------0-------|
B |-------------0-------|------------0-------|------------0-------|-------0---------0--|
G |---------0-----------|-----------------0--|--------------------|--------------------|
D |---------------------|--------------------|--------------------|--------------------|
A |---------------------|---0----------------|--------------------|---0----------------|
E |---0-----------------|--------------------|---0----------------|--------------------|

Seperate picking to help you get used to using your little finger.

V = downstroke with the pick
m = middle (2nd) finger
r = ring (3rd) finger
l = little (4th) finger

E |------------0---------|-------0---------0----|-------0---------0----|-----------0---------|
B |-------0----0----0----|-------0----0----0----|------------0---------|------0----0----0----|
G |-------0---------0----|------------0---------|-------0----0----0----|------0---------0----|
D |----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|---------------------|
A |----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|---------------------|
E |--0-------------------|--0-------------------|--0-------------------|--0------------------|

The next thing you could do is look at my Bossa Nova lessons and use those chords with this technique.

Bossa Nova by JazzMaverick


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