Basic strumming

by future_god_of_the_axe (Dec 02, 2008)

Once you get strumming down, your set for life. the way i strum chords and notes seems to be the most effective. when i see or hear alot of ameatures strum, it sounds choppy and overpushed. im going to tell you how to strum smoothly and professionally while protecting your guitar from scratches.

Now, if your strumming with your hand, all you have to do is only use two fingers: your thumb and your middle finger. as you come down for your first strum, GENTLY glide your middle finger nail on the top of the strings while still maintaining speed. as you finish your first strum, your thumb should already be at the bottom of the strings, you then glide your thumb nail UP on top of the strings.NOTE: you barely have to move your hand at all with this type of strumming. then continue to repeat. this is a good technique because you can control the volume and intensity of your strum simply by how hard you glide your fingers.

With pick strumming, its almost the exact same thing. here is a diagram of how to pick strum.

------->  -direction of strum
/ -pick position


Notice how the pick is beign slanted at each strum to provide leats resistance to the strings.

If you have ANY questions, please send me a private message.

-Zach A.K.A. future_god_of_the_axe