Ancient Chinese Secret! (hand exercises)

by future_god_of_the_axe (Dec 02, 2008)

Heres a great guitar secret that i discovered while in San Fransisco. I was in chinatown and they were selling "therapeutic Balls" what they were were two balls that you roll in your hand clockwise and counter-clockwise. i was reading the box and it sais that doing this exercises EVERY muscle in your hands. so it got me thinking. i went home and tried it with two golf balls on both of my hands. to my amazment: my trills, tapping and overall skill improved ALOT for my left hand. and twirling the balls on my right hand improved my finger picking, picking, strumming and over all skill. i know it sounds **** (to twirl balls in your hand) but you should try it.

If you do, any size ball will do as long as its around the size of a golfball. Spin the balls both clockwise and counter-clockwise on each hand for about 30 minutes each. Do this consistantly, and i guarrantee you will improve.

-Zach A.K.A future_god_of_the_axe