Scales and Their Chords

by JazzMaverick (Oct 17, 2008)

This is my suggestion to some decent chords (or typical) which work well over these scales. I encourage all of you to try your own chords, too. But make sure they keep to the rule of the note! E.g. don't play a minor chord over a major note in a key.

Take this slowly, as not all of you are ready to learn this stuff. Please don't rush ahead! As boring as some stuff may be, rushing ahead will be your downfall. Understand everything and how it works before you move on.


Unfortunately, I cannot insert the "natural" symbol. I will show you what it looks like in this picture:

Since I can't insert it in the lesson, I will put (n) instead.


I Maj7
II m7
III m7
IV Maj7
V Dom7
VI m7
VII m7b5 (Ø)

Harmonic Minor

I m(n)7
II m7b5
bIII Maj7#5/b5
IV m7
V Dom7#5
VI m7b5
VII Dom7b5/#5 b9/#9


Diminished on each tone.

Whole Tone

7b5/#5 on each tone.


I Maj7#11
II Dom7
III m7#5
#IV m7b5
V Maj7
VI m7
VII Dom7b9 11

Lydian Augmented

I Maj7#5
II Dom7b5
III Dom7#5
#IV m7#5
#V Dom7#5/b5 #9/b9
VI m(n)7
VII Dom7b9/#9 11

Lydian Diminished

I m(n)7b5
II Dom7b9b5
bIII Maj7b5
#IV m7b5
V Maj7#5
VI Maj7b5
VII Dom7#5/b5 #9/b9

Lydian Blues

I Dom7b5
bIII m7
III m7b5
IV m7
#IV 7b5
V m7 11
bVII 7 11

As I already said, take your time with each of these. Music takes YEARS! Don't rush ahead. :)


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