Test Your Knowledge

by JazzMaverick (Oct 14, 2008)

What I hope you're all doing from time to time is testing your knowledge. The best way to know music is to keep it fresh in your mind. This can be theory, or it can be practical, or even both!

I've decided to give you all a little test, and see what you're capable of. This should also give you an idea of the kind of things you should be testing yourself on, too.

Personal Message me on your answers, and I'll let you know if you're right or still need to work on some things.


Theory (no notation questions)

What's the fourth Mode in the Major scale?

What's the sixth position in the G Mixolydian Mode? (Answer requires the note and name of mode)

How many Sharps and/or Flats are in the Key of B?

How many Sharps and/or Flats are in the Key of A♭?

What notes are in the Key of E? (State if they're major or minor)

F# is the fifth note is what Key?


Play G major scale, stop on the third note, what mode and note is this?

A "m7b5" chord works best with which mode?

Play on the 7th fret, and on the A string; what note is this?

What's the 5th note and mode in the C Major scale?

What chords could be used in a II, V, I progression in the key of G Major?

This is an idea of some questions you should be asking yourself.

Make sure what you know becomes second memory!

If you keep forgetting certain things; test yourself on it!


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