Wes Mongomery ii-V-I

by JazzMaverick (Apr 29, 2012)

There are some very cool harmonic subs going on in this Bluesy ii-V-I by Mr. Montgomery.

What do you all think is going on in this line?

What was Wes thinking?

This has a lot to do with Dominant Cycles

Ok... here's the answer...

You can use D7/G7alt-C7alt/F7 or D7/Db7-Gb7/F7, or some combination of the dominant 7alt cycle and the tri-tone subs... that's what makes this a very fun lick!!

The first bar is tricky, it could be seen as Am7, or Am7/D7, or G7 lick starting on A. I look at it as Am7/D7 just because it fits for me in the cycle progresion, but G7 is just as right, tough to nail that first bar down to just one thing.