hammer on, pull off

by kibbytown (Feb 20, 2012)

I came up with a pretty cool lick just funkin around on my guitar in Bm. Pretty simple, but not necessarily easy, at the speed I play it at.

the first part starts with a Bm7 chord then goes into a lick using the Bm pentatonic scale with a hammer-on/slide after picking the B string, then you pick the 5th fret on the e string, hammer-on to the 7th, then pull it all off:
e- - - - - -5^7>5>0-
B- -0^3^5/7- - - - -

When starting off learning this technique, i found it easier to skip the open B and start on the 3rd fret on the B.

after the lick, i continue with the chord progression (Bm A G F#M7) and a few other licks. Comment if you would like to know the rest of the licks in this riff. Hope you enjoy!