Intro to Jerry's Breakdown

by UGOL (Aug 29, 2010)

This is the Introduction to the Incredible Guitar piece by Jerry Reed Hubbard which he preformed with Chet Atkins on the Chet Atkins CD Me and Jerry.

Jerry's Breakdown Guitar Tab - Introduction: If you are new to playing a guitar melodically, this will have kind of a foreign feel to you. The reason for this is to play a guitar melodic, just as you would a banjo, you intermix notes fingered in the upper positions with as many open strings as possible. This gets things mixing up quite a bit and it is the ringing through of all the notes that gives this technique its very unusual sound.

It will feel foreign to you until you get accustomed to playing these open strings in lieu of fretted notes. Make a quick run-through of the song and you will see what I mean.

Also while the Guitar Pro version of this song captures the song's mood quite nicely, I sound a whole lot better when played properly as tabbed or by the notation.

Pay very close attention to both the right and fingering and the left hand fingering which I have clearly depicted in the notation. This is the KEY to playing this song smoothly and up to speed.

This first break is really just the introduction to the song that Jerry plays. It is a banjo-type lick and it is really cool. You will be happy to be able to play just this portion of the song smoothly and up to speed!