THird Eye Blind - Jumper

by T_RevG87 (Feb 19, 2010)

Hey its my first time putting down tabs so please give feed back...

Basic Chords: F C G (chorus)/ Am C G (verse)


e --0----0----2---- Repeat x4;
B --1----1----2---- pause then
G --2----0----0---- Repeat x2
D --3----2----0----
A --0----3----2----
E --x----x----3----


e --0----0----2----------------------------0---0---0--
B --1----1----2---------------------------1---3---1--
G --2----0----0------Repeat x2:-----2---0---0--
D --2----2----0------then play:-------2---4---2--
A --0----3----2---------------------------0---5---3--
E --x----x----3---------------------------x---x---x--

please note that during the chorus the F and C chords have 2 beats(counts) and the G has 4 beats(counts).... and for the verse it doubles Am and C gets 4 beats/ while the G gets 8..... It also helped me to listen along with the song and play it as well...
(there is an easy solo to this song as well)

so let me know what u think about the tabs and if it was easy for u to learn....