A minor/C maj. sweep trill

by case211 (Jun 28, 2009)

Alright guys, this is a cool little lick that I came up with just out of context during a song that I was writing. You can either sweep or rake the notes at the beginning, your choice for your sound preference. Enjoy!

This one can definitely be moved around to be used in different keys, but what I have tabbed out here is for C Major/A Minor key. The basic premise of this little lick would be to have a very melodic sound by performing this lick over an F-based chord progression which could be for example; F, D minor, C, A minor progression, or any other progression in C Major/A Minor.

$(x)=rake or sweep; either one
x#y= trill(fast hammer on pull off)


This one shouldn't be too hard to learn. You can do as many trills as you want on the walk down the high e string, but I typically do 2 per set of notes. That's all!