A Riff For You

by Guitarslinger124 (Jan 18, 2008)

Ok, so i know this is supposed to be for guitar licks...but why not upload cool riffs too??? This is a riff in F minor i came up with a while ago but never used. I'm in Drop D tuning with lots of distortion. Its got a weird time signature so ill do my best to give you a good idea of how it goes.

v----| ^--|
1 3 2 1 4 123 1 1 2 4 2 14 3 1

v=down stroke
^=up stroke

I use the "-" to help the timing. the more dashes between the notes the longer the space. The sweeping part can be tricky so take it slow and watch out you dont hit the other strings by accident. I've included finger notation under the tab. 1=index finger, 2=middle finger, 3=ring finger and 4=pinky. Enjoy!