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18 Jan 2008 11:33 | Quote
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I hate solos. What is the best way to like them
18 Jan 2008 12:06 | Quote
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hehe...the best way to like them is to love them and learn to play them
18 Jan 2008 13:29 | Quote
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Yeah it's best to actually play them.
Play them, get good at them, then you will love them.
They are very fun and once can do a solo you like don't wanna stop
18 Jan 2008 15:30 | Quote
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KingTot says:
I hate solos. What is the best way to like them

Now, that one's easy. Get your hands on Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow album and listen to it 24/7 for a month. If that doesn't change your mind about solos...nothing will.:P
but apart from that I'll have to agree with both GS124 & GB666. It usually helps if try to play them. Start with something simple, fun to play and yet effective and melodic(for instance I usually suggest the solo of The clash's "I fought the law" cover to my guitar students). And after you master it--- progress towards the more advanced stuff.:)
18 Jan 2008 15:46 | Quote
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Or play and record a rythem that you can play comfortable then listen to it and start play leads to it,its easy to play leads with your own rythem cause the melody is allready in you head
19 Jan 2008 09:58 | Quote
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Start learning and open your self to patience and perseverance. Some times you have to challenge yourself to something you don't enjoy. Even if you don't like it still, you will have grown from something along the way, but you have to do it.
learn Major/Minor scales, after that move onto the two other major scales (Harmonic and melodic). Or if you're a blues man, pick up the pentatonic scale and blues scale. Give us some bands/genres and we can give you some direction KingTot.
21 Jan 2008 03:21 | Quote
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KingTot says:
I hate solos. What is the best way to like them

Now that's a quite odd statement.
You hate them because you can't play, or do you hate them because you dont like playing them?

If it is because you can't play you should give your guitar playing a though - what kind of music do you want to play?
If it is because you are bored of them, well just don't play 'em?

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