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Music Theory
27 Nov 2007 15:47 | Quote
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Ok...I like to play fast scales up and down the fret board using my index and middle fingers. Now as I'm doing this should I have my thumb resting on the 5th string or something. Right now all I do is kind of let the thumb float but I have seen videos of people kind of resting their thumbs on either the 5th or 6th string. What's the correct way? What do you recommend?

27 Nov 2007 17:12 | Quote
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You can use your thumb as a kinda anchor stopping your right hand from moving about too much while fingerpicking. 5th string, 6th string, the pickups, the pickguard - use whatever feels the most comfortable for you.
27 Nov 2007 18:16 | Quote
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Well, if it's being used in a scale, it really doesn't matter. If you're picking a chord, however, the thumb should be resting on the root, wherever that ends... at least that's how I do it.

I may be wrong though. Just do what's comfortable to you. Who cares if it/s right or wrong?
27 Nov 2007 21:25 | Quote
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just jeff and blackholesun are right. do whatever is comfortable...when i first started playing bass, everyone told me the 'right' way to play. it just didnt work for i developed my own playing style, and it does work...i realize that finger picking for guitar is different than playing bass, but the idea is the same...maximize do what ever helps you to play your licks cleanly....but resting your thumb on the strings may not be such a great idea...if youre playing in D# and you got your thumb resting on the E string and you slip, youll have a nasty E/D# combo that chances are, wont sound so hot...

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