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irrelivant nerves

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2 Nov 2007 23:50 | Quote
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yes ive learned and improved no end in all aspects of training and practice, and on my own terms i flow round the fret board well. But as soon as it comes time to play for someone that comes round who hears ive been studying guitar and asks me to play something at the drop of a hat i hesitate for a second, and go blank on what to play for them .I know hundreds of songs and improv solos but its that initial moment of when they say "play that now" that gives me nerves, once i start something i usually after a stuttery start end up being more confident in my playing to my usual standards as when im alone practising stuff relaxed,its that initial moment of not being warmed up that gets me. I just feel i should be over that lack of confidence thing now as ive been playing years. im capable of performing any style i just need to be orginised as if i had a show and a set list on my own terms. I was just wondering if any on here gets nerves for no reason even though they know there stuff, and how to be better in unprepared performing situations im quite a nervous person by nature but want to show people what i can do in my chosen artform.
3 Nov 2007 04:27 | Quote
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well...if you're a hardcore rocker grab your jack daniels or cold beer to chill...hehe just kidding! as a musician, im sure that you constantly have tunes flowing through your mind...if someone asks you to play something...instead of taking five mintues to think and then rethink what you should play, just play whats on your mind! just let your fingers role...i find the easiest thing for me is just to shoot right into a solo. start with a quick slide then a pinch harmonic (and already im sure youre lookin' pretty darn cool!) and then just play some blazin' blues man. and who cares if one dude doesnt dig your positive that there are many more that will dig your groove...gluck!
3 Nov 2007 17:21 | Quote
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cheers for the advice yeah a good robert johnson lick should ease my nervous mind a bit as a starter

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