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RIP Layne

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6 Apr 2012 01:03 | Quote
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I got called into the office yesterday (4/5), so I did not get a chance to make this post. It was ten years ago, on 4/5/02, when the music world lost Layne Staley. For me personally, this was pretty tough, because even though I never met the man obviously, the music of Alice in Chains and Mad Season had such a profound effect on my life. It helped shape me musically and was one of my earliest true influences and I was always blown away by how they could diversify their songs so much. I mean, "Nutshell" is one of the most mellow, beautiful songs you can think of and yet they can rock out hard obviously as well. It was the music I listened to when going through the stage of life many people struggle with, becoming a man. I can remember many many nights just laying in bed, doing nothing other than listening to his music. I am ramblig now and will stop.

RIP Layne.

7 Apr 2012 13:26 | Quote
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btimm says:
RIP Layne.

11 May 2012 15:45 | Quote
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