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Pedal board

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17 May 2007 12:38 | Quote
United States
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Does anybody here knows how to make your own pedal board?
17 May 2007 14:08 | Quote
United Kingdom
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wots a pedal board????

ooo i know how to make your own dirty sound


run a lead from yor guitar into a small jack (like the ones on yor mp3) and then into the mic of a very old and rubbish tape/voice recorder, then a laed from that to a amp and there u go a home made dirty sound. (be careful if you try it cus my amp makes funny sounds when i used to do it!!!) abit of a laugh or a good way to blow up a old amp you dont want!!!
18 May 2007 07:49 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Just Google 'DIY guitar pedal board/pedalboard', or anything else to that effect (no pun intended). There are loads of results that come up.


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