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Guitar Notes (knowing the neck like the back of your hand)

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4 May 2007 04:15 | Quote
United States
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Hi guys! As you can see from those of you who looked at my profile I'm fairly new to guitar but have been playing instruments for a couple years.

Now that I'm at a stage where I can play a bunch of chords, power chords, scales, a few licks, etc. I think I need to seriosuly start learning the position of the notes on the fretboard.

Does anybody have a method to recommend for this? Anything would be better than just rote learning. I already know a lot of musical theory so I'm really just interested in the things specific to guitar such as say theres an A note here where else would you find an A note. But I do want to know every ntoe on the fretboard so.

Er, I ramble, any suggestions would be HIGHLY appreciated!

Best Regards,
4 May 2007 05:24 | Quote
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Hi Philmarq
Okay I use scales to learn my fret notes of the guitar and that is going back to the stone age. So it very easy now with the inter web so I will leave you with a download that you can use which will get you up and running in no time. What I do stress is learn a string at a time one each day then go back and back until you think you got it. Then test yourself close your eyes and pick a note and tell yourself what the note is. if you are wrong then find the answer. Enough waffle from me so download I manage to track down Enjoy

It free but you can donate if you like to
4 May 2007 05:44 | Quote
United States
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Ah damnit Im on a Mac thats not gonna run :(. Thanks for you suggestions though!

I'll poke around and see if theres similar OS X software.
4 May 2007 14:03 | Quote
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I can thoroughly recommend Fretboard Warrior. It is completely free, here's the link -

Another really good one is this - (also free to download)

Both are fairly self-explanatory. Give it a go - they helped me!

Best wishes,
7 May 2007 20:13 | Quote
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i havent looked at them... are there any with the tunning changeable??

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