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Playing different scales for the same chord progression??

Music Theory
5 Jul 2010 13:20 | Quote
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I've recently watched a video of Joe Satriani explaining that you can play different scales, like let's say Em and E Dorian, in the same riff of a song. He says it'll make it seem like it puts more feeling in the solo. And he's right about that, but the song I'm writing right now is for an audition to Berklees summer program and I don't know if it would impress the people doing the audition more if I did solo with more scales, or if I should just stay in the same key. Can anyone help me out here?
5 Jul 2010 15:27 | Quote
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i think your to late for auditioning for berklee's summer program, unless you wanna get in next year?
5 Jul 2010 16:08 | Quote
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Umberto, please don't take any offence to this, but if you're asking the sort of question such as that above, you're probably not quite ready for a program at Berklee just yet. I know I'm in the UK, but I know that competition for ANY kind of involvement with that place is FIERCE, I mean, REALLY FIERCE! It's cool that you are thinking about something such as pitch axis theory (which is the proper term for what you're asking about) but with something like that you really need to have a full understanding of it and its utilisation in a song before you start using it in the context of something as important as an audition. However, the fact that you're thinking about something such as pitch axis now is a pretty clear sign to me that if you stick with it you'll have a really good chance with next year's program.

That all said, in my opinion any chance you get to do an audition you should take - whether you stand a chance of getting through or not - because developing a solid audition technique (yes, there is such a thing) is a huge learning curve, and it means you're that much more experienced and prepared for when that super-duper-make-or-break audition comes along!

I hope I haven't crushed your spirit too much, and best of luck if you do decide to go for it this time round :)

9 Jul 2010 10:36 | Quote
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I agree with afro. I also only heard 2 things from berklee: That it is amazing, an astronomically expensive. So i guess if you want to use it 100% you definitely have to be as good as you can get (atm) until you get there.

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