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how to make a lead using acoustic guitar?

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29 Jan 2007 22:35 | Quote
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hi...........i just want to learn from you to make lead using acoustic..............plz help band is expecting me plz.........answer me immediately.............
30 Jan 2007 12:56 | Quote
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Well, firstly I presume that you are asking 'how to make an acoustic guitar into an electric guitar'. Well, you can buy special pickups that are designed for acoustic guitars to do just that. You simply fix the pick up into the soundhole of the acoustic and you can plug it into a PA system or an amp, however they don't tend to sound too good and will sound nothing like an 'electric' guitar; only an acoustic guitar that is louder. Hope this helps!
31 Jan 2007 22:25 | Quote
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and how to compose or create a lead fo songs?
1 Feb 2007 17:31 | Quote
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know the key of the song ur in. then try noodling around the notes on that key. say u got the chords Dm-Em-C which are both in Key of C major. know the notes that make up those chords then experiment with them.

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