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Okay, this may sound weird, but just post players you think have a lot of soul in their playing. Whether it be Blues guys, jazz, neo-classical shredders, to just about anything else. Just post your favorite players so that with all the knowledge of those in the forum, everyone could learn a thing or two. I'll start....

Jimmy Page


Jeff Beck [with Tal Wilkenfield]

Izzy Stradlin

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Tal Wilkenfield!!! first time i saw her play w/ Jeff was 2006 ... Amazing 'pocket' !
Kudos! @Ozzfan486!
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Wow, thanks for that TAL!!.

For me there are many, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Wonder for example, but Jeff Healey is something different...

When I hear this blind legend, all kind of emotions flow through me. Cant write anything else, screen is too blurry...
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My dad told me about him once. Great player!
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i couldnt find the original

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you can edit it?
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Looking at the Led Zeppelin video I was like OH MY EFFIN' GOD!
THAT'S what I call putting soul in playing.
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Marcus Miller

Larry Carlton One of my favorite guitar players.

Robert Randolph and the Family Band

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I've never heard anything more soulful than this produced on a strat!

Just in case anyone's not sure, It's Richie Blackmore just before he left Deep Purple in '93
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Erik Satie not guitar but if he doesn't have soul no one does

Nick Drake I like him a lot one of the few guitarist who really get things out of tone clusters(key word guitarist)

@gmg-- i was never really a big fan of Django but "minor swing" is kick ass isn't, check out early Joe pass if haven't

@guitarslinger---Larry's great isn't he

and if i may I'm going to suggest if this is going to continue we link the videos not embed because nothing kill a thread faster then embedded videos

16 Nov 2009 00:19 | Quote
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oh my gosh...

this ones not guitar, but still

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