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Yamaha C40

General Chat
29 Dec 2006 13:16 | Quote
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I bought my first guitar two years ago and I still use the same. It's a Yamaha C40 classic guitar. Does someone from you use this guitar or can you at least show me your opinion about it.
16 Jan 2007 18:23 | Quote
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wow, im not very about these things, cause im new at playing, but i think if it lasted that long in god conditions i think it should be good guitar. mine is a lyon from washburn, i have not even a year w/it and its starting to broke the part where you put the strap.

i wish this was of help, cause right now i feel useless
18 Jan 2007 06:31 | Quote
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Well, my guitar has some scratches around the edges, but it's in a good condition. And thanks for telling me about your's, cause that made me know there worse guitars than mine(no ofense, please).
24 Jan 2007 13:58 | Quote
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actually any yamaha guitar is a good one....they are built for the abuse and priced accordingly
7 Oct 2007 14:19 | Quote
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lol it was my very 1st guitar 2 it sounds awesome really i mean 4 a cheap price u can get a spanish guitar that gd then hell yeah :D
7 Oct 2007 20:12 | Quote
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my first guitar was a yamaha classical guitar...not sure what it was- but it only cost $40 and for that price it sounded amazing and it lasted a solid 6 years!
9 Oct 2007 13:01 | Quote
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My first guitar was a yamaha electric in one of those starter packs that come with a little amp. I beat the hell out of that thing...still sounds great though. Yamaha's must be better guitars than they are given credit for.
25 Oct 2007 18:47 | Quote
Joined: 25 Oct 2007
United States
mine was a silvertone electric-1967 for christmas.that thing is great.the knobs are the same as on a fender amp.

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