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i am finally going to play with an advanced player. i need some advice

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23 Feb 2006 01:41 | Quote
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wat should i know to not look like a fool. this is my friends uncle who's been playing all his life. i know the basic blues a5 a5 a5 a5
d5 d5 a5 a5
e5 e5 a5 e5 right?
i need more on this blues stuff simple things so i will be able to jam with this guy, consistantly and fluantly. i want to be able to improvise well if i have the chance. i know the pentatonic blues scale. how should i play it? starting from wat note? root right? would i play the scale in A for the whole thing? start at the bottom of the fret board and move my way up during climax then work my wy back down? wat are some techniques? i would really appreciate any input.
5 Mar 2006 18:29 | Quote
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Hi ganjaman5!

I hope the 'blues jam' went well. To briefly answer your question for future use, I would use the Am pentatonic blues scale starting from 'anywhere' (key of Am, of course!) and let your ear guide you! Assuming you know your scale fingering well, I like to 'sing' thru the guitar (God knows, you wouldn't want to hear my actual voice!). I suggest you that when you practice your scales that you practice singing (or croaking, like I do!) an idea and then trying to duplicate it with your guitar. Tough at first, but just like most things, you will get better at expressing yourself thru the guitar in time. A few 'blues licks' under your belt wouldn't hurt either...

Good Luck!
6 Mar 2006 12:26 | Quote
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honestly all i can say is try and be creative and show off with what you know, learn some new chords and make some music
good luck

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