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23 Feb 2006 01:16 | Quote
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is the major scale an ionic mode??
do you have and more advice on modes how they work ...
5 Mar 2006 19:54 | Quote
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Hi ganjaman5!

OK. Here's the 'guitar guru's' quik-sheet on modes. The major scale is actually 7 scales in 1! When you learn a moveable (i.e. 'no open strings') fingering for the major scale, you've actually learned 7 different scales (or 'modes' as they're called). Each note of the Major scale fingering learned can be the root note of a completely different mode. (When you here the term 'mode', just think 'scale').

There are 7 'modes' of the Major scale. They are (starting from each note):
1) Ionian (think 'the Major scale!')
2) Dorian (think 'minor-ish sound')
3) Phrygian (think 'very minor-ish'. Almost 'Egyptian').
4) Lydian (think 'VERY MAJOR-ISH!')
5) Mixolydian (think 'less Major-ish')
6) Aeolian (think 'the natural minor scale')
7) Locrian (think...well I've never really known what to think about this one and never have really found it that useful!...)

Each of these scales has its own 'flavor'. For practice, you can try recording some progressions with your guitar and practice the major scale over each progression. Here are some practice progressions to try playing the C Major scale over:

1)||: C ///|F ///:||
2)||: Dm ///|G ///:||
3)||: Em ///|Dm / F /:||
4)||: F ///|G ///:||
5)||: G ///|C / F /:||
6)||: Am ///|F / G /:||
7)||: Bm7b5 ///|Em ///:||

Practicing the C major scale over these progressions should help your ear get use to the sound of each mode.

Now, let's add all this up...1 moveable scale pattern; contains 7 different scales within it; 12 keys in music: 1x7x12=84 different scales...all from just 1 moveable scale pattern (try that on clarinet!)

That's my 2 cents on the subject...Hope I didn't just add to the confusion!

Good Luck!
6 Mar 2006 12:23 | Quote
Posts: 24
what does ionic mean?
if hyou explain that i might be able to help

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