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Help with sweep picking

9 Apr 2008 15:36 | Quote
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Hi gang
Can someone please offer some help with sweep picking as I am now ripping my hair out and it sounds like a chord when I play or sound really crap. I have say that I have never used this technique before and need some guidance on how to begin

Is it best to start this off slow?
Am I correct in thinking that its all down strokes in one flow (if u get what I mean) then a up stroke with the pick. I hope you understand that bit

Many thanks for help and any information as I am trying to improve my technique and so use to the legato its time for a new change

Many thanks as always
9 Apr 2008 15:44 | Quote
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Definitely start slow, it's basicaly strumming a chord but instead of holding down the chord formation you play it one finger at a time lifting the finger off after sounding the note in order to deaden it making it sound like your only playing one note at a time, to get an idea of what it looks like search Youtube for guys like Jeff Loomis and Michael Angelo Batio when he's not 8 finger tapping.
9 Apr 2008 15:46 | Quote
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cheers for the help ThePusher I been playing them as chords thats why they sound like a chord. lol

Thank U
9 Apr 2008 15:58 | Quote
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It's always best to start off slow, with everything. You are right in thinking it's in one stroke... and as Pusher says you have to deaden the string you just played so it's not ringing when the next note is played - but it has to be as fluent as possible.

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