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4 Apr 2008 13:29 | Quote
United Kingdom
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Hi, one of my guitars suffered a broken neck during a trip. The neck is severed at the first fret and the headstock is detached. The break is wedge like so the headstock fits back on the neck quite snugly, hopefully some good glue a couple of G-clamps will sort it out but does any one have any advice?

Also i'm altering the shape of a body and need to use some kind of putty to stick to the wood and be good enough to sand down and paint. Any advice would be appreciated. cheers
4 Apr 2008 18:07 | Quote
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Take it to a guitar store in your area and get their oppinion, if it were me I'd get a new neck put on.
5 Apr 2008 13:15 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Yeah, I think a new neck sounds like the better option, even if it costs a bit more.
5 Apr 2008 14:03 | Quote
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United States
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No question buy a new neck you'll have nothing but problems you can get a good neck for about a 100.00

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