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What to study first?

28 Mar 2008 02:57 | Quote
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I wan't to get into music theory because I dont know much. I was told to learn all my open and barre chords then move onto some scales. Im just not sure what are all the barre, and open chords are. I basicly don't know where to start on scales and chords. I know a few chords like A, Am, G, E, Em, D, Dm(And a couple more) and only a couple Pentatonic Minor scales, but I am not sure what to work on next? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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um learn your C chords, barre chords are where you hold down all of the strings down with your index finger and form chords like A & E beneath your index finger essentially turning it into a capo, for scales learn a G major & G melodic minor descending, beyond that try some string skipping lessons.
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barre is when u bar a line of frets, like a capo. it takes time to learn these, but itll come, try the g maj, e maj, d maj, also check out my lesson fro begginers, it has some open chords on it, and a few easy riffs.
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I know I keep banging on about it, but have a look at:-

It really is the best free site I've found for guitar theory and good practical examples.
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deefa nice one never knew that site existed I am finding it interesting too.

Suggest you buy a really good chord book and scale book

Play a easy piece of music something that is not too hard and learn the rhythm part

I do suggest that you learn the blues scale you can find it on this site this will add something different

Lot of DVD out for basic playing and getting to know your guitar. You might be able to buy some second hand if you can't afford them

I found learning my freeboard first was a great help and know all 5 positions of the pentatonic scale on the freeboard. Use a metronome as well listen to the beat if you have not got one then use the one on this site.

I don't now how basic or how far you got but have a look and see if this is any good

Or do a search yourself just put in the following basic guitar lesson or try this all about barre chords and how to do them

You are lucky I never had any of this when I started out loads of information on the market but a warning don't get too much and confuses yourself with complex information or you may find yourself giving up.

Also, guitar is hard and I think we all have respect just how hard it was when starting out but stay with it and learn a little at a time
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Well, it matters what you want to do?

If you want to jam with others, learn your scales and key signatures.

Say for example, if I told you to play a 14651 progression in D major, what chords would you play? Hopefully you said D, G, Bm, A, D.

If you want to write your own stuff, study composition and part writing, as well as voice leading and other compositional studies. Study classical work and some other more in-depth pieces so that you can understand why people do the stuff they do.

If you just want to be able to satisfy yourself with your guitar... search online for free resources and teach yourself.

If you have the ability, take a music theory course at your school. They will teach you standard chord composition and progressions, as well as some standard stuff in classical music.

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