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15 Feb 2006 18:34 | Quote
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i dont get how you are supposed to know the down and up strokes of tabs. also how do you know how long to hold it for. If anyone has any good easy sheet music can you tell me.
21 Feb 2006 04:23 | Quote
Posts: 6
tabs are only really a guide to learning a song, the only way to know what the strum pattern is is to listen carefully to the song and play along untill you feel what you are play is correct.(unless they give an idication at the bottom of the tab that gives the stokes, then you just follow them)
6 Mar 2006 12:34 | Quote
Posts: 24
i agree with smelly_feet101, but if you can't count the beats just play on each sylabble(how dya spell dat?)
Good Luck!

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