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14 Feb 2006 11:13 | Quote
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This is the chord given on the sheet music (I've checked how it's written too!) and can't find it on the chord finders. Is anyone able to explain simply (e.g. 2nd fret A string, 4th fret D string etc.) how to play it please. Many thanks!
28 Feb 2006 14:40 | Quote
United States
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Try (Bass to High String) X-2-2-2-2-2
28 Feb 2006 14:41 | Quote
United States
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Woops! That is B9sus. C9sus is X-3-3-3-3-3
7 Mar 2006 05:19 | Quote
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Hi Clair,

Here's a favorite way of mine to voice a _9sus (aka '_9sus4','_11', etc):

6th string, 8th fret, 3rd finger;
(mute the 5th string);
4th string, 8th fret, 4th finger;
3rd string, 7th fret, 2nd finger;
2nd string, 6th fret, 1st finger;
(mute the 1st string);

to resolve the sus, move your 1st finger to the 5th fret to create a C9...

Hope you like this voicing -

Good luck!

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