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12 Feb 2006 17:43 | Quote
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I'm tryin to learn all the major and minor chords up and down the entire fretboard. And I noticed that differents chord shapes at different points on the fretboard make different chords. Does anyone know the best I can learn all the chords or a site I can go to? or even a book to buy?

6 Mar 2006 12:53 | Quote
Posts: 24
well i can help you a bit i got taught to remember the simple chords A,D,E
A= a diagonal line /
D= a triangle at the botton of the fretboard
E= another triangle at the top of the fretboard
sounds kinda stupid but i learnt to remember them really quickly.
sometimes it is hard to think of shapes and things like that to represent a chord so you can just make things up that the chord looks a bit like, sound dodgy but it works.
Good Luck!
19 Mar 2006 12:57 | Quote
Posts: 15
Hi admtav_21,

It's been awhile since you posted, but here is a good bar chord exercise derived from basic chord shapes. All of these chords are 'D major':

'c''a''g' 'e' 'd'

The letter under each chord is the name of the basic chord. Try to practice this for a while and hopefully you will discover a system here that you can use...

Good luck!
20 Mar 2006 11:09 | Quote
Posts: 8
well, one way i learned was that i just started playing basic chords over and over and repeatign the chord changes until i found a shape i could remember them by...just like sophieg22 says, for instance, D is a triangle, a is a line, and so on, but oen major thing is to know the base note of each chord, and the high note of the chord...that way youll at least have an anchor to each chord if you can remember that...and from there, youll start to see patterns as to WHY chords look the way they do, and you wont have to learn chords from other people, youll find you make your own arsenal of chords and variations... just keep practicing,...thats the key...

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