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help with music making

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12 Feb 2006 17:41 | Quote
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Are there any really good books out there that can guide me in making songs? From lyrics, to melody, chord progressions,...everything!

21 Feb 2006 04:18 | Quote
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i dont know of any books out there but there are a few internet sites which will give you good advice and tips on getting the right sound and making the lyrics fit the riff.
6 Mar 2006 12:38 | Quote
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i think you should go to the nearest guitar shop to you and have a look if you find anyting that is good and ou can play most chords in that book it will help you.
there is a website i know called try it you can pick the songs you want to learn and there are different versions of the songs, so you can see which one you find easiest
Good Luck!

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