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7 Feb 2006 10:01 | Quote
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How do you play a Bbm/Eb. That's how it's written in the music but no idea how to play this. I can do Bbm and Eb but not combo. Can't find info on combo anywhere. Am I reading this wrong? Is this a combo chord or should I be playing each separately? I'm new at this. Help!
28 Feb 2006 14:37 | Quote
United States
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Try (Bass to High String) X-X-1-3-2-1
6 Mar 2006 10:51 | Quote
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Hi Allison,

You have hit on what I and other players refer to as a 'slash' chord. I remember my 1st time seeing 1 of these and having the same question as you. Here's how you need to think about these -

1)to the left of the slash is the chord you play BUT...

2) to the right of the slash is the lowest or bass note of that chord when you play it.

Hope that's not too confusing...

Good luck!

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