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27 Jan 2006 00:04 | Quote
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im a beginner and just wondering on the guitar chords page what the different things mean? ive looked all over the site but couldnt find anything.

for example when i click the chord to do an Em7 it gives me the when part where my finger should be, but then the two E strings have a yellow dot at the end with an "R" in them... what does that mean? theres also another one where the yellow circle is spread out over the whole string.. whats that mean?

if anyone could just kind of give me a quick rundown of what all those little different things mean (perhaps some ive forgotten as well that maybe i havnt seen yet) it would be much appreciated, thanks :)
31 Jan 2006 02:34 | Quote
Posts: 2
The yellow dot on the fret board is where you put your finger(s), you play all the strings with a yellow dot on them, and the dots with an R in them indicates the root note(s) so the root note of Em7 is an E. Hope this helps a little.
6 Mar 2006 13:04 | Quote
Posts: 24
i didnt learn my chords on here, but if you aree finding it complicated you can try searching guitar chords on google and lots of different websites come up you can try looking through them to halp you understand what all of the stuff on here means.

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