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The "G" run

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23 Jan 2006 18:37 | Quote
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What is the "G" run when do I use it and what notes are in it?
29 Jan 2007 05:06 | Quote
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Generally speaking it means play something in G major, i.e. solo using the notes from the Gmajor scale.
30 Jan 2007 03:06 | Quote
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When you were referring to the "G run" or "Lester Flatt-run" always used in country - and bluegrass music, it goes like this:

-------------------------------P--------0-------------- H=hammer on
-------------H--------0------2--0---------------------- P=pull off
19 Feb 2007 23:25 | Quote
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What is the value in practicing scales and chord progressions? Should I work on one more often then the other?
20 Feb 2007 07:45 | Quote
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Learning scales improves your soloing; Chord progressions improve your rythmn and song-writing. I feel that learning chords is a little more important because it helps stretch your hands out and allows your brain to adjust to unusual finger positions.

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