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blues based hard rock band

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30 Jan 2008 13:52 | Quote
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does anyone know of a good up and coming blues hard rock band from anywhere ????

i keep seeing all these metalcore up and coming bands and all that shit and i know the old school hard rockers are around velvet revolver the black crowes bands along those i was wondering if anyone knows of a young up and coming band playing that kinna music and playing it well

in case you're wondering why im asking it's purely outta curiosity
30 Jan 2008 14:24 | Quote
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Black Stone Cherry....they are more southern hard rock...but they're awesome!
30 Jan 2008 16:50 | Quote
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oh yeahhh i think ive got their cd somewhere any others?
30 Jan 2008 22:54 | Quote
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good call, I would love hear something new like this. I'll have to check out Black Stone Cherry.

Something that way off base but still interesting (i thought at least) was Brian Setzer's Wolfgang night out. He took the big band music he as been doing recently and mixed it up with some classical melody's and themes.
3 Mar 2008 14:54 | Quote
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ill have to listen to both black stone cherry and setzer's wolfgang. i saw the brian setzer orchestra around christmas time which was pretty cool. about halfway through he came out and play the straycats tunes with just the bass and drums.
3 Mar 2008 15:50 | Quote
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you might like the black keys
3 Mar 2008 22:31 | Quote
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what ever happened to the bass player?

The black keys rock but come on, i need some of that sweet low down bass! I like the white stripes too, i would love them if they could find a half baked bass player.
5 Mar 2008 13:35 | Quote
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I love Richie Kotzen and Michael(?) Schenker!
Hard rock and hard rock... It's blues/rock with a bit tougher parts hehe ;)

Check 'em out! ;)
5 Mar 2008 14:19 | Quote
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wow black stone cherry is gr8, just checked them out, they got lots of talent nd hopefully r going som where
27 Apr 2008 08:55 | Quote
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I just found this site today. Thanks for the tip on Black Stone Cherry. I just checked out there myspace site. They rock. Everyone check out Scott Holden. Just came across his music last night. He has great vocals. His style is blues rock\southern rock\hard rock. If you can find the song "maybe" you will love it,

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