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27 Jan 2008 14:19 | Quote
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Hey all

First time post here so please forgive me if it has already been discussed. I have been playing guitar VERY casusally for the last 9 years and have decided now to do more than mimic the songs of my favourite bands and decided to actually learn to play in all aspects that I possibly can. I will post more questions as I progress with my new learnings.

My first question and the one that has bothered me this entire time is this: while making barre chords for a prolonged period of time, I get a very terrible cramp in the muscle right under my thumb. Now I have been experiencing this the entire 9 years that I have played and nothing seems to aleviate the pain. Different positions, different little hand exercises and none seem to help. I have no trouble in the least in making barre chords as I have had plenty of practice doing so. So I am wondering if it will ever be something I can correct or should I just try playing through the pain?

29 Jan 2008 10:20 | Quote
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To be honest, I've never found barre chords that comfy to play - you are essentially using your thumb to hold your entire hand against the fretboard, which can't be good for it. Other than learning the chord with a different fingering, (trust me, off the top of my head I can think of 7 other ways to play a major chord without using barres) all you can really do is just play through the pain like you said, and hope that maybe with enough practice the pain will ease.


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